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Pickleball Lesson Hawaii

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Pickleball Lesson
Big Island Pickleball Lesson

Lessons are held at the Hawaii Tennis Center at Fairmont Orchid.

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Pickleball Lesson Hawaii Big Island
Big Island Pickleball Lesson
Pickleball Lesson Big Island
Big Island Pickleball lesson
Pickleball Hawaii Big Island
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Top 3 Reasons to Take Lessons in Hawaii



You've Never Played and Want to Learn How

You Have Time to Learn and Improve While Away from Home 


Great Family Fun! (or excuse to get away for a bit too :) )



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"My wife and I would HIGHLY recommend David for anyone wanting to start and/or improve their Pickleball skills. With no Pickleball background or experience, David gave us the basic skills and knowledge to play Pickleball with others and to enjoy the sport. His knowledge of the sport, teaching style, and enthusiasm left us both excited to grow our Pickleball experiences."

                                                                                           Rob & Kathleen Austin, TX

"I have taken lessons from many different people. David Smith’s instruction surpasses all of them.  He has helped my game of pickleball immensely. David has a passion for the sport which enables him to help others with their game. His drills are particularly helpful. David is also very encouraging and caring. He loves pickleball and it shows! His lessons are fun filled and the hour flies by!"

                                                                                               Pam O.   Albany, Oregon

"David Smith is an amazing Pickleball Coach.  He is a wonderful instructor who really knows how to communicate not only the “how” but the “why.” I appreciated his willingness to listen to my concerns.  To improve my skill level, David quickly diagnosed and came up with specific drills and solutions. What was important for me was the take away: his coaching allowed me to continue to build upon my skill set and Pickleball savvy.  It was so much fun to learn new drills and to approach the game with more thinking and anticipation. David approached our lesson with humor, professionalism and an easy-going relaxed teaching style."  

                                                                                             B. MacNeill  High River, AB  Canada

Pickleball Lesson Big Island Hawaii